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  1. Come, Lord Jesus - St. Francis de Sales Cathedral - Houma, LA
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It requires a commitment to meet weekly in small Catholic faith communities where its members are formed into ardent apostolic witnesses and zealous parish ministers.

Members come into the program by way of personal invitation or through one of our many Outreach Campaigns in Church Parishes across the country. There is no registration fee to join; however, weekly "Gift Bags" are passed around the group to support the administration of the central office.

Come, Lord Jesus - St. Francis de Sales Cathedral - Houma, LA

Martin North Deanery St. Landry, Evangeline South Deanery St.

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Mary, St. Long-standing program. Partipants do homework, but that is not required of Wynhoven residents.

Neither is using the workbook, since it it too bulky for residents to handle. Dufrene thinks it is the only six-step program of the 53 or so currently active groups in the New Orleans area.

News Releases

It also has changed her life since joining the program approximately five years ago, first as a participant and now as now a facilitator. Every week, Deacon Reynolds, who is a parishioner at St. Othertimes, they laugh about how far off it was. The spiritual enrichment participants receive from their deep insights into the word makes their attendance at Mass so much more meaningful. Special scriptural passages on the urgency of proclaiming the Gospel are singled out for choral recitation during the meeting.

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The members share as to how they proclaimed the good news during the week. This method was used by Jesus.

Pray: Come Lord Jesus

When the apostles returned from their mission, they reported to Him what they had said and done Mk After the resurrection, the apostles continued to meet and share with one another what God had done through them Acts I find that our lay members also need to be challenged and held accountable each week so as to encourage them to witness their faith as Jesus commanded us all to do Acts This program, equipped with the heart-to-heart prayer of Jesus, spiritual fellowship, and the transforming power of the word of God centered on the Sunday Eucharist, is a proven instrument for forming small faith communities in our Church.

The program is easily coordinated by a pastor, associate, or zealous lay person. Each enthusiastic apostle can use it to begin and establish small faith communities in his or her area, like St. Paul did.

Maranatha, come Lord Jesus !