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Piano Concerto No. Cantata Profana. Hungarian folksongs for voice and piano. Homage to Paderewski. Lists Compositions Solo piano String quartets. Namespaces Article Talk. Unlike mechanical instruments like the piano or flute, you never know what note is going to come out until you actually play it But just recently, after over 4 years, things are gettinhg better. The dog no longer leaves the room when I open the case and I can see all the pleasures to come!

Well worth the effort but it has been a massive undertaking. One bit of advice I usually give to busy adults is to keep their instrument somewhere central to their lives - mine sings so much more often when she's living under a silk blanket on my piano a table or shelf would do too , shoulder rest attached so she's always ready to play.

Jaques Fereol Mazas Duet Op. 38 No. 1 Duet No. 1, Allegro sheet music for two violins - Video Score

Then all you need to do is find lots of minute slots - while you're waiting for dinner to finish, while your child is getting ready for drive you to drove them to soccer practice, the 10 mins before that show starts if you don't do netflix , when the teenage daughter won't get out of the bathroom. Just do one thing in that 10 mins - fix the intonation in a new hand attitude, play with a new bow stroke, learn a shift.

It's surprising what can be done in a couple of short practices a day, especially if the longer practice would have been skipped. This has kept a few people I know playing when they were otherwise ready to give up. I started from scratch 3 years ago at My teacher is a saint for staying with me. It has been the hardest thing I have ever tried to do but also the most rewarding. Every day I realize how bad I am, but how far I have come. My goal for now is to be able to play something that someone else will actually enjoy hearing.

God bless Mike. I found a teacher that specialized on adults not only beginners and I think it shows.


She adapts her teaching to each students. She asks about goals and what you want to get out of the lessons.

14 Popular Violin Solo Pieces for Beginners – TakeLessons Blog

And she is really able to work with the different way different adults learn. As for the violin - my approach was to find a luthier that let me take home different violins to test for weeks as well as let my teacher play them until I found one that fitted me. And as I had a loaned violin for the first six month I can really agree to statement that a good violin and a good bow make quite a difference. Both must fit together and fit to you and then quite a number of things become easier. Your article is really well written.

Unfortunately, I don't have a teacher because of two reasons: a finding a violin teacher in my city is next to impossible. The fact that I was able to find a music store that sells violin is surprising enough and b I started playing 3 months ago to develop new skills and to have something inspiring to do in my leisure time nothing serious enough to spend more money on. There's a substitute I found for myself for listening to my mistakes. I watch progress videos on YouTube of other people and compare my sound progress to how they have accomplished in the same time period and if I'm worse than worse the i know I've been doing something incorrectly and so i experiment on myself with everything I'd learn so far.

Right on the mark.

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I really can't add much to it or elaborate except to maybe relate some of my own experiences which likely re enforce these ideas. I am glad to see that there are a few who will teach adults. I can understand why a teacher might use discretion when an adult student comes along. The main thing I think an adult beginner needs to know is the reality of what's involved and be willing to do it. Many pick up violin as something they believe they will pick up fast and be playing along well in a short time.

This usually isn't the case. After two years I am not where I wanted to be. Not at a bad place either. My Soundcloud page lists my most recent violin recording.

It gets a "meh" rating from me. Even for someone who plays or has played various instruments the violin will be a challenge compared to many other instruments. Biggest struggles presently are the occasional string squeak.

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  • The occasional intonation issues. I feel I'm still in the land of the basics. My only goal is to keep going. In some ways being an adult 'returner' is harder than being an adult beginner because you expect your rate of improvement to be the same as it was when you were Possible I guess, but I haven't experienced anything close to that.

    Thanks for the endorsement for Doflien, I often feel lonely in a Suzuki world strange that I was fluent in Japanese and much to my mother's chagrin could never learn German where she was fluent. Shar Music. Yamaha Violin Finder. Corilon Violins. Pirastro Strings. Elmar Oliveira International Violin Competition. Gliga Violins. Brahms, Johannes. See separate page.

    Breville, Pierre-Onfroy de. Britten, Benjamin. Two ballads : 2 voices and pianoforte :. Chausson, Ernest.

    Hindemith: Two Duets for Violin and Clarinet

    Cornelius, Peter. Heimatgedanken, op. Der beste liebesbrief, op. Daunais, Lionel. Debussy, Claude. Chanson espagnole two equal voices. Notes on these last two unpublished works here. Donaudy, Stefano Amor s'apprende. Duparc , Henri. La fuite s oprano and tenor. Pleurs d'or soprano and tenor op. These works are well out of copyright, despite the misleading warning about photocopying added to the first page by the French publisher Hamelle.

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    Graham Johnson says of Pleurs d'or that "the subtlety of writing for two voices and piano has seldom been surpassed". The original version, for soprano and tenor, is in F; there is also a transposition to E-flat for mezzo and baritone. Gounod, Charles. Barcarola soprano and baritone. Par une belle nuit!

    Duet for Violins Vol 1 2 3

    Les fleurs dorment soprano and alto. Haydn, Joseph. Guarda qui che lo vedrai soprano and tenor Hob. Liszt, Franz.