Realism and Explanatory Priority

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Main article: Causation law. See also: Karma. Main articles: Four causes and Potentiality and actuality. See also: Humean definition of causality. Definition and meaning". Causality and Modern Science. Bibcode : Natur. Retrieved 12 March Multiple causation has been defended, and even taken for granted, by the most diverse thinkers [ Granted, the assignment of a single cause or effect to a set of effects or causes may be a superficial, nonilluminating hypothesis.

But so is usually the hypothesis of simple causation. Why should we remain satisfied with statements of causation, instead of attempting to go beyond the first simple relation that is found? Optical Geometry of Motion , W. Process and Reality. An Essay in Cosmology. The Cement of the Universe: a Study of Causation.

Fitting Attitude Theories of Value (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Oxford: Oxford University Press. As I understand it, this is an ontological question, a question about how the world goes on. Psychological Review. Causation in Grammatical Structures. Oxford University Press. Retrieved 30 January Determinism, pp. Sosa, E. Holton, Y. Free will, pp. Retrieved 2 March Postgraduate Medicine. Clarendon Press. Language and Perception. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Metaphors we live by. University of Chicago press. An investigation into the validity and reliability of the AcciMap approach.

Fitting Attitude Theories of Value

Doctoral dissertation, Queen Mary University of London. An Enquiry concerning Human Understanding. The Journal of Philosophy. Journal of Agricultural Research. Reprinted in P. Bonissone, M. Henrion, L. Kanal and J.

The Realism vs. Anti-Realism Debate (Part 1)

Philosophy of Science. British Journal for the Philosophy of Science. Cornell University Press. Princeton University Press. Simon and Schuster. Bibcode : EJPh Duplantier and E. Parks, reprinted on pp. Damour, O. Darrigol, B. Duplantier, V. Introduction to electrodynamics Fourth ed. Cambridge University Press. American Journal of Epidemiology. September—October Child Development. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.


Journal of the Operational Research Society. Studies in the history of Christian traditions. Retrieved 3 May South Asian Studies. Bhaktivedanta Book Trust. Archived from the original on 7 May Retrieved 19 May London: Oxford. Meditation on Emptiness Rep Sub ed. Wisdom Publications. Yogacara Buddhism Research Associations. Oxford University Pres. Snow Lion. Bloomsbury Academic. London: Tharpa.

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Edward N. Zalta ed. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Winter ed. In the Physics , Aristotle builds on his general account of the four causes by developing explanatory principles that are specific to the study of nature.

Here Aristotle insists that all four modes of explanation are called for in the study of natural phenomena, and that the job of "the student of nature is to bring the why-question back to them all in the way appropriate to the science of nature" Phys. The best way to understand this methodological recommendation is the following: the science of nature is concerned with natural bodies insofar as they are subject to change, and the job of the student of nature is to provide the explanation of their natural change. The factors that are involved in the explanation of natural change turn out to be matter, form, that which produces the change, and the end of this change.

Note that Aristotle does not say that all four explanatory factors are involved in the explanation of each and every instance of natural change. Rather, he says that an adequate explanation of natural change may involve a reference to all of them. Aristotle goes on by adding a specification on his doctrine of the four causes: the form and the end often coincide, and they are formally the same as that which produces the change Phys.

Aristotle in 23 Volumes, Vols. May April The Thomist. Archived from the original on 1 May Retrieved 6 April Open Theology. Azamat Abdoullaev Analytical Philosophy of History. Edward Craig , in: Ratio , N. I , nr. Green, Celia Oxford: Oxford Forum. Hewitson, Mark History and Causality.

Palgrave Macmillan. Little, Daniel New York: Transaction. Lloyd, Christopher The Structures of History. Oxford: Blackwell. Idem Explanation in Social History. Maurice Mandelbaum The Anatomy of Historical Knowledge. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press. Judea Pearl The Logic of Survey Analysis. New York: Basic Books, Inc. Links to related articles.

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