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Maximus Is in Danger" "Kasei Bakuha!! The Decepticons embark on a new scheme to destroy Mars using energy they've collected from the destruction of Cybertron, with Scorponok secretly scheming to destroy Cerebros in the process. On Mars, Spike leads a survey team consisting of himself, Daniel, Wheelie, and the Trainbots, seeking information that may allow them to make Mars a life-sustaining planet or perhaps increase Earth's own capacity for sustaining life.

An explosion at the south pole causes the group to split up and investigate, with Daniel, Wheelie, and Shouki discovering the Terrorcons. Receiving this news, Cerebros dispatches the Headmasters to Mars while instructing Ultra Magnus to deploy the Technobots from Earth; the latter are intercepted by Sixshot and Trypticon and prevented from leaving the planet despite Metroplex's aid.

Back on Mars, Daniel's group is captured by the Terrorcons, but manage to escape after signalling the Headmasters, who have defeated Predaking. As the other Headmasters fall into a Decepticon ambush, it is revealed that Cerebros can only draw the master sword when his mental and physical energies are in balance, which he manages to accomplish after seeing his comrades in great peril. However, Scorponok is prepared, and has the Decepticon Headmasters blast Cerebros as he emerges from his ship with the Master Sword.

MegaZarak Appears" "Kasei Bakuha!! Cerebros' ship is left immobile at the base of a crater, with Highbrow and Brainstorm left badly damaged and Cerebros unable to form Fortress Maximus due to the Decepticon attack of the previous episode. The Decepticons' plans to destroy mars and harvest the resulting plasma energy proceed, with Scorponok eagerly anticipating the destruction of his hated foes.

Sos the Rope

However, Chromedome and Hardhead soon detect one of the Decepticons planting a bomb, and fly off to engage only to run into the Decepticon Headmasters, prompting Cerebros to summon the Trainbots back to Mars. They arrive just in time to aid the outnumbered Headmasters, forming Raiden and prompting Scorponok to recall his minions. Concerned by this, Cerebros contacts Ultra Magnus, who dispatches Twincast and his Deployers to the Decepticons' Earth base in search of answers.

On Chaar, the Decepticon leaders witness the emergence of Scorponok's massive Transtector from planet Zarak, unaware that Twincast is also observing. Scorponok, his appearance revealed for the first time, transforms the Transtector into its scorpion form and sets off for Chaar, where Soundwave discovers Twincast and engages him a in a duel. Twincast escapes and reports to Cerebros, who prepares himself for an inevitable confronation with Scorponok while the Headmasters and Raiden engage the Terrorcons, who form Abominus.

Scorponok then takes off for Mars, while Brainstorm and Highbrow rejoin the battle just in time to witness Scorponok's arrival; the massive Transtector easily overwhelms both Headmasters and Trainbots. Scorponok then transforms his vessel into a giant robot and begins attacking the powerless Cerebros' battleship, while ordering his forces to detonate the explosives that will destroy Mars. The Decepticons depart, but Fortress Maximus absorbs some the energy from the explosives, recharging its own power cells and enabling it to transform and confront Scorponok, who retreats at this unexpected turn of events.

The Autobots, having investigated the blasted ruins of Mars, determine that the situation is rapidly deteriorating, and fear what could happen if the Decepticons destroy another planet. A mysterious object is then sighted on Athenia, while Chromedome and Hardhead depart Battleship Maximus without authorization.

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Scorponok is alerted to this by Counterpunch, while Soundblaster's Casettes observe as well, and promptly boards his Transtector to deal with the would be invaders. The two Headmasters are soon caught by Scorponok and Blitzwing, and the former dispatches the Decepticon Headmasters to attack as well. Fortunately, Battleship Maximus arrives in time to save the pair from drifting endlessly through space, and then squares off with Scorponok while the Decepticon Cassettes report to Soundblaster, who sets off for Earth. The object then travels to Earth, where it appears before Soundblaster and Sixshot and then abducts the latter.

The Autobots then contemplate its mysterious nature, while the Decepticons prepare to crown Scorponok as their new leader, while Cerebros is informed of their movements by Punch. The Decepticons gather on the moon for the coronation, only for Fortress Maximus to arrive with the Headmasters, Aerialbots, Protectobots, Trainbots, and Protectobots and engage the Decepticons. The UFO reappears in the midst of the battle and begins attacking the Autobots, before being revealed as an alien ship that produces the long-missing Galvatron, whose appearance turns the tide against the Autobots.

Galvatron reveals that he wished to see how his forces fared in his absence, and soon reclaims his throne as leader of the Decepticons. On Chaar, the Decepticons pick up a distress signal from a mysterious planet called Sandra that is rapidly being depleted of energy, and Galvatron decides to have the Autobots monitored to see how they respond.

The Autobots determine that Sandra is part of a solar system that is a twin to Earth's, and that Sandra itself possesses a similar environment. Though the Autobots are eager to help the people of Sandra, Spike is cautious given Earth's own limited energy resources. Punch then informs Cerebros of the Decepticons reception of the same signal, while the Autobots and their human allies quickly prepare to send the Sandrans what energy they can afford to spare. Ratbat, having observed this, informs Galvatron, who becomes outraged at the idea of Earth's energy-which he perceives as his own-being given to others and travels to Earth where he confers with Sixshot.

The Trainbots are loaded with Enerogn cubs for the voyage to Sandra, while the Autobots are informed by Twincast of Galvatron's arrival; Galvatron's forces then attack, with Computron and Abominus facing off along with Devastator and Defensor while the Trainbots attempt to depart in the midst of Sixshot's attack. Cerebros decides to try moving Athenia's Energon cubes as a means of diverting Galvatron's attention; deducing their tactics, Galvatron orders Scorponok to intercept Battleship Maximus.

The two Headmaster forces soon clash, but Chromedome, Hardhead, Wheelie, Spike, and Daniel escape in a smaller ship in order to take the Energon to Sandra. Battleship Maximus follows after driving off Scorponok, while the rescue party arrives to find Sandra a desolate, desert-covered world depleted by its civilization's wastefulness, but with the citizens hopeful that they can find alternative sources with enough time.

Galvatron and Scorponok then attack Battleship Maximus, but Chromedome and Hardhead soon sabotage Scorponok in their smaller robot modes and then join their comrades in attacking Galvatron and the Decepticon Headmasters. The enemy are soon driven off, and the Autobots and humans depart their new friends glad to have done what little they could to help. On Chaar, the Decepticons detect a pair of incoming craft and attack, but are surprised when the newcomers are revealed to be Decepticons: the Horrorcons Snapdragon and Apeface, there at Galvatron's invitation.

Punch, in the form of Counterpunch, detects this and sends word to the Autobots, with the Headmasters recognizing former comrades from Planet Master. To the astonishment of the Autobots, Spike then proposes opening up negotiations with the Decepticons as a means of preventing further destruction such as that of Cybertron and Mars, which has upset the balance of the universe.

Burn the Rope

Cerebros is persuaded by Spike's argument, and agrees to let him try to reason with Galvatron; however, Galvatron is disgusted by the idea of working with the Autobots and humans until Scorponok proposes using the negotiation meeting as cover for an attack. Galvatron sends a reply and agrees to meet with Spike, on the condition that Spike bring Carly and Daniel with him; the Headmasters insist on coming along as escorts, promising not to interfere with Spike's mission as a neutral negotiator. While in transit to Earth, the Trainbots suffer the affects that the Space Bridge has suffered from the destruction of Mars and Earth; Galvatron soon arrives at the meeting place on Shangri-La Island and demands that Carly and Daniel be held as hostages until the negotiations are over.

Spike and the Headmasters reluctantly agree and begin the talks, but things soon break down as Galvatron proves unwilling to cooperate with the Autobots and attacks Spike's neutral position given his current residence on Athenia, and then gives Spike an ultimatum: leave Daniel on Earth as proof of his sincerity.

Monique Polak - Recent blog posts - Monique's Blog

Spike informs his son of the difficulty, and a tearful Daniel agrees, with Carly volunteering to return to Earth as well. On Chaar, Counterpunch learns of Galvatron's true intentions, and further that the Galvatron negotiating with Spike is an impostor while the real one is planning to strike and claim all the universe's energy. Learning of this, the Trainbots distract the Decepticons on the island to enable the Headmasters while Chromedome confronts the false Galvatron, who is revealed to be Sixshot, and his teammates rescue Carly and Daniel.

Sixshot, the Headmasters, Horrorcons, and Trainbots soon engage in battle, with the Decepticons being driven off and fleeing through the Space Bridge, which they destroy behind them to prevent Autobot pursuit. The Autobots soon set off into space in pursuit, leaving Ultra Magnus and Spike to oversee the Autobot-human alliance.

About the Author

The Decepticons' quest for the energy of planets across space leads them towards the peaceful planet Beehive, a world inhabited by humanoid aliens with bee-like characteristics. After all but destroying a Beehive ship on the way they attack the planet itself, facing off with the brave but underpowered Beehive defenses. The Autobots come across the wrecked ship in space and rescue the sole surviving crew member, who dies after giving Chromedome a medal to deliver to his young son Makku.

The Beehive fleet, recalled home due to the Decepticon attack, attack Fortress Maximus believing the Autobots to be on the same side as the Decepticons, and Cerebros refuses to fire back and risk harming them. Chromedome departs for the planet alone and finds Makku, and after delivering the medal and the tragic news of his father's passing is led to the palace, where he convinces the queen of the Autobots' good intentions.

He then challenges Galvatron's forces outside the palace but is defeated and knocked into a sea of energy collected by the people of Beehive, some of which Makku helps him absorb so that he can return to the battle.

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The Autobots are successful in driving off the Decepticons, and continue to pursue them through space. The Decepticons arrive in the solar system of Twin Star, where two planets-one a mechanized paradise and the other a seemingly barren desert-orbit close to one another. The Decepticons quickly attack in search of the inhabited planet's energy resources, while the pursuing Autobots bicker as Chromedome seeks a more aggressive stance against the Decepticons. This opinion leads to a disagreement with Brainstorm, who volunteers to accompany Arcee, Wheelie, and Daniel to the desert planet where they will be safe during the ensuing battle between the two forces of Transformers.

Scorponok questions why they are continuing to pursue energy instead of a grander plan, to which the others Decepticons reply that they are seeking energy for the plan. The inhabitants of the planet begin evacuating, leaving their defenses on automatic while the Autobot and Decepticon forces clash, and are revealed to have constructed a hidden refuge underneath the surface of the desert planet where their energy is safely stored.

Alerted to this by Brainstorm, the Autobots press their attack while the Decepticons' search for energy comes up empty, and they ignore the desert planet as it separates from the tether connecting it to the city planet carrying the people to safety. The Decepticons soon depart in search of other energy sources, while the Autobots are reconciled and continue their pursuit.

The Autobots receive a distress signal from Daros, a planet that the Decepticons have attacked, and find them slaughtering the inmates at a penal colony. Several of the inmates are rescued and then abducted Daniel, but after he is freed they reveal that they are political prisoners whose leaders have allied with the Decepticons. The distress signal is revealed to have come from Tekna, a Beastformer who was one of the slave laborers on the Scorponok Transtector. The Autobots eventually find him in a tunnel, only for him to be mortally wounded by the Decepticon Headmasters.

Scorponok and Fortress Maximus transform into robot modes and battle, but Galvatron orders a retreat based on Scorponok's over-consumption of Energon. The former ruling elite are then overthrown, and Tekna dies but is able to give the Autobots a microfilm containing a key secret: a weak spot on Scorponok. The Decepticons attack the planet Paradise and while Battleship Maximus has answered their call for help, they cannot undertake the mission just yet as the ship needed repairs.

Twincast, Highbrow and the trainbots takeover where they meet one of the natives: a girl named Papika who can understand animal-language and from her discover where the Decepticons are currently set up, but Mindwipe attacks and captures Highbrow. Battleship Maximus later arrives at Papika's village and Daniel falls head-over-heels for Papika, all the while Twincast had found Highbrow, however Sixshot attacks and sends the surrounding jungle aflame.

1. Lošinj, Croatia

While Battleship Maximus keeps the natives safe the remaining headmasters go rescue Highbrow, who is bound in chains beneath a waterfall by the Decepticons. Discouragement by Ratbat using a recording of Galvatron had little effect, and the heroes are backed-up by the Monsterbots, Technobots and Trainbots.

Highbrow is freed by the squad's Head Formation, and the beaten Decepticons flee on Scorponok.