The Restoration of Christian Culture

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It resulted in numerous conversions to Catholicism and was the principal forum in which Senior worked out the keen insights and shocking observations presented in his books.

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Powered by Shopify. Senior answers this question with a genuinely realistic, but no less resounding, "yes. The Restoration of Christian Culture continues warning of the ongoing extinction of the cultural patrimony of ancient Greece and Rome, medieval Europe, and the early-modern West, owing to the bureaucratization, mechanization, and standardization of life today. Beyond this, Senior offers challenging and provocative ideas for recapturing and living the cultural traditions of classical and Christian history. Bringing the wisdom of giants such as Aristotle, Augustine, and Aquinas into touch with the social, political, and personal life of "modern man," Restoration shows us how we can once again become fellow citizens of a common Western culture.

The Restoration of Christian Culture

While there may have been some professional jealousy, the real objections were ideological. The professors running the Integrated Humanities Program proposed that there was an overarching truth that could, and should be discovered, and that education was the key to doing so. Even in the s, college campuses were being flooded with the subjective relativism that is the dogmatic orthodoxy in the academy today.

Senior and his colleagues were accused of brainwashing the students. Although an investigation uncovered no signs of intellectual or emotional pressure, their opponents insisted that Senior, Quinn, and Nellick could not possibly maintain the professional objectivity that they believed a college education required.

Restoration of Christian Culture - Angelus Press

If they believed there was a dominant Truth, how could they educate young people without imposing that truth? This conflict unlocks a major distinction in the field of education. For generations, educators—especially religious educators—settled for rote learning of religious texts.

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Education consisted of memorizing Bible verses or the catechism. Subjective relativism—which attempts to present all the viewpoints as equally valid—came from the desire for students to understand, evaluate, and choose a philosophy, a religion, or a point of view.


Unfortunately, the intellectual tools to empower that task were neglected, and the level playing field in which all philosophies and viewpoints had equal value meant that none of them had any value. People cannot live without a framework of belief for long, and soon various ideologies replaced the framework provided by a classical Christian culture. Instead of indoctrinating students, the classical knowledge of a Christian culture provided the tools and the framework for true education.

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Senior began with reality. Common sense affirmed that some things were real and if they were real they were true—they were not figments of imagination. If there was truth, then in true Thomistic tradition, it could be known, and to know this truth was the point of education. While his philosophy was rooted in realism, John Senior was also a delightfully unrealistic dreamer.

His ideal for a school is a combination boys camp, boot camp, classical academy, and home on the range. Science would be done with experiments in the real world.

Thomas More College and the restoration of Christian culture

Mathematics would be learned by counting real things, and learning geometry would come by designing and making real things. Imagine: No TV. No electronics. No cars.

No junk food. No junk entertainment. Nothing artificial.